Monday, May 11, 2020

Hair Care with Hair oil and Hair mask

In the earlier post, I have discussed the reason for hair loss and cure. I hope you liked it. Some of my dear readers got very emotional after reading it.🌸

I just want to say that Physical beauty is not everything “Physical beauty will vanish one day but the knowledge, the talent that we have earned in our life will remain there” that is what we transfer to our young generation.πŸ’—

I like to read and write about healthy living, this is my own experience that I love to share with you.Just do what you love. As I Say Love, Live, Laugh.🌹

Hair Oil for Healthy Hair
 As we all know that hair oil is like food for hair. Hair oil is so much beneficial for the healthy hair. 
Hair oil when applied to the scalp it spreads throughout the roots and gives strength to the hair strand from the roots to the end. So give massage to your scalp at least 3 times a week and don’t skip the routine, please

Oil massage is the best for hair strengthening and growth. 
The method is to heat the oil a little in a bowl and than apply hair oil using cotton directly on the scalp.
Be cautious, heat the oil just for a second, otherwise scalp will burn down.I also did this mistake πŸ˜œπŸ˜œ
I use lukewarm oil because it helps to moisturize the scalp and hair and it's all up to you that you want to warm up the oil or not. 

Best oil for hair growth: Almond oil, Wild apricot oil Amla oil, Jojoba oil, Grape seed Oil, Olive oil and my personal favorite Coconut Oil this is the most favorite hair oil in every Indian house that I have seen so far and also our grandmother’s favorite hair oil too.πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ 
This is how I use coconut oil for my hair. I have thin and naturally straight hair so this hair oil makes my hair thick and shiny too.

Coconut oil: This oil is best for hair, you can apply it, as it is or what you can do add 2 vitamin E tablets in it.
Apply for a night leave it on your hair wash it off in the morning. You’ll see the difference after 2 weeks in your comb. There will be no hair strand in the comb. J
The second method is to use Camphor in a small amount with coconut. Apply it at night before sleeping, it will cool down your scalp and reduce the dandruff too.

Hair Spa: Hair Spa once a week is so much necessary. Especially in this lockdown, you can do a hair spa at home too.

The Method is
1) Apply oil in hair.
2) Use a hot wet towel to cover your hair with it for 15-20 minutes.
3) Wash your hair with your favorite chemical-free shampoo.
4) Use conditioner after shampoo for 10 minutes and wash it off.
Let your hair dry naturally don’t use any hair dryer or blower as heat makes hair roots go weak.

For the extra love and care for your hair apply the hair mask. I love hair masking so much. I enjoy doing this. The hair mask is so much beneficial for hair.

Here are some DIY Hair Mask

1) Onion and coconut oil hair mask: Grate the onion, mix it with a lukewarm coconut oil and apply it on hair, Onion is high in sulfur which promotes hair growth. Leave it for one hour.
This mask helps in reducing hair fall and helps in growth. Use this mask in the morning only as it cools down your scalp and you don’t want to get cold.

Milk and cream mask: You can use milk and cream on your hair as it helps in keeping hair straighten. It is a good conditioner for hair. One most important thing I got to know that after applying milk on your hair there will not be any split end as I tried it too.

Yoghurt hair mask: The best source of protein yoghurt if applied directly, it will give you shiny and healthy hair. Add banana and honey in yogurt mix it. Apply this mask on hair wash it off after 30 minutes.
Yoghurt nourishes your hair which helps in hair growth too.

Fuller's earth hair mask: It cools down your scalp and helps in reducing dandruff. It takes out the impurities and toxins from scalp and hair, which simultaneously helps in hair growth.

Egg and olive oil hair mask: Use eggs with 2 or 3 spoon of olive oil or any hair oil available at home. Mix it and apply it from roots to end. Leave it at least for 30 minutes and wash it off.

Note: If you are losing like 50 to 100 hair strands regularly then its fine but more than that should be consulted with experts.

Note: The content is for informational purpose only. Please remember that remedy which works for me may not work for you. So do a skin patch test first to check any irritation and allergy.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Reason for Hair Loss and its Cure.

Hair is so much precious to every man and woman as it enhances beauty. Everybody loves silky, smooth thick untangled frizz-free hair but we are so much busy in our lives that we do not give that much attention on our hair and what happens hair fall, hair thinning, dandruff, etc.

So whenever there is some special occasion in our family or hanging out with friends we feel uncomfortable in between and gazes at their hair.

Reason for Hair fall:
Stress: Yes stress is one of the major reasons for hair fall. Everybody in some way has stress in their lives, some show some don’t.
If stress increases it becomes depression and a depressed person can’t take care of others and of himself too.
Stress leads to hormonal imbalance which leads to hair fall dandruff and weak hair.
Pollution: Pollution and sun rays make your hair dry so they fall easily. Pollutants reduce the growth of hair and make them weak.
They just stick to your hair and scalp and make your scalp itchy and dry which causes hair to fall.

Water: Hard water is one of the reasons for hair thinning. I suffered this too. I shifted to my new home where I had to use hard water and the result was hair fall, thinning of hair.

Hard water has calcium and magnesium which not let your shampoo or conditioner wash your hair properly and after wash, the result is dry hair.

Ignorance: Yes the ignorance we know that certain things are not good for us but we keep ignoring them like not eating properly, not sleeping on time, no exercise, and especially no oil therapy for hair.

Hereditary: Sometimes loss of hair happens because of hereditary reasons. It is not a disease its genetic condition only.It can be cured only by Doctors.

Eating habits: Not having healthy food and eating junk or processed food in your meal lead to hair fall ,which causes deficiency of nutrients in body. Human body is not made for junk food.
 I saw some people just can’t live without spicy oily junk food. If you can’t eat healthily, how can you expect healthy hair and skin? As I say what you eat that’s what you become.

The question is how to stop Hair fall?

1) Meditation:
Meditation is one of the best ways which relax our body and mind. It reduces stress, which helps to keep hair roots strong and healthy.

Yeah I know it’s tough, in the beginning, you just want to run away from it but the practice will make you better and certainly, you’ll start to enjoy it.

For this, I just chant “OM” the universal sound. When you focus on this sound, it will start to calm your body and mind; clear your way of thinking and you’ll feel peace within.

A relaxed mind will think better, think positive, and will take care of others too.

b) Healthy Food: For healthy and strong hair, include healthy food than the processed one. The foods which help in hair growth are:

1) Sweet Potatoes: Include Sweet Potato in your morning breakfast as it is a root and has natural keratin and protein which helps in keeping your hair roots strong.
You can take out the juice of it and apply on your hair roots and it nourishes the hair and promotes hair growth.

2Milk and its products
Milk is rich in protein so drink a glass daily and because of richness in protein it helps in growth and strengthening the hair roots.

Yeah if you want hair growth 
roots must be strong for it 
and who doesn’t like milk can 
have sweet buttermilk in their diet. 
It also helps in strengthening 
hair follicles.

3) Nuts: Nuts are full of omega-3, zinc, protein, and have vitamin E which is responsible for the shiny and long hair. Include a handful of nuts in your diet like  walnuts, almonds, cashew, etc.

4) Soy Milk and Tofu: Soy is rich in protein; this is the best source of protein for the people who are pure vegans. Protein is essential for hair growth and maintenance.You can also include tofu in your salad and food items. Include it in your breakfast or lunch but avoids in the night, it’s hard to digest.

5)Green Vegetables and fruits: Green vegetables like spinach, broccoli; cabbage,etc. as these include Vitamin A, C, iron, etc.
Fruits like Kiwi, apples, tomatoes, peach, amla avocadoes, etc are the best in hair growth and glowing skin.
Include a fruit daily in your diet.

6)EggsEggs are the best source of protein and biotin. Eggs in your diet can bring the growth in hair you’re looking for.It also helps in adding volume to the hair and make them silky soft too. Hair mask of eggs promotes the hair growth so apply it on your scalp at least a week.

c)Oil massage: Oil massage is must for lengthy and strong hair.Apply oil on your scalp to the end of hair at least three times a week for healthy frizz-free hair.

d) Hair mask: Hair mask is so good and play an important role in keeping hair shiny and healthy. So use any hair mask like yogurt,egg hair mask and fuller's earth hair mask that i have mentioned in my earlier post too etc.  

Note: If you are losing 50 to 100 hair strands regularly then its fine but more than that should be consulted with experts.

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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Fuller's earth or Multani Mitti Hair, Face and Body mask.

Hello!! Beautiful, today the topic is Fuller's earth or Multani Mitti  for Hair, Face and Body mask.

Fuller's earth or Multani mitti is available in powdered form or as claystone too. The powdered form is easy to use but I prefer the solid one.

Many people think that fuller's earth is for face only but you can use it as a hair and body mask too.

Yes, so today I'll tell you how you can use fuller's earth for your hair, face and body.
Fuller's earth or Multani mitti can be used by any skin type it's so much beneficial for any age too.

Fuller's earth  in powdered form
        Fuller's earth  in stone form

Fuller's earth or Multani Mitti hair mask:  Hair mask is so much in trend nowadays.
Fuller's earth cleans the dirt and cleans your scalp too. Before applying it w
ear an old t-shirt as you don't want stains on your favourite t-shirt.

 Dip the Fuller's earth or Multani Mitti claystone for a night it will soften in the morning and apply it on your hair from root to the end. Wash it before it dries up in 20 to 30 minutes.If you feel the hair are dry after wash, use a serum. This can be applied to thin to thick hair.

In summer season it also helps to keep your head cool so don’t apply it if you have a cold and cough or fever.

 Fuller's earth or Multani mitti hair mask for thin and oily hair: Take the fuller's earth powder in a bowl, mix it with water and two tablespoons of honey. Apply it through roots to end of hair and make a bun of your hair.

Wash it after half an hour with shampoo, because once it gets dry it will not come off easily and trust me after the wash you'll get that bounce and dirt free hair. I have tried it myself.

Fuller's earth or Multani mitti with curd hair mask: Mix powdered fuller's earth or Multani mitti with water and curd. Apply it for half an hour wash with shampoo because you don't want the smell of curd in your hair

 Fuller's earth has the quality to take off the impurities, toxins, dandruff out of hair and curd conditions the hair and gives shine too. This hair mask also helps to straighten the hair naturally.
Fullers earth or Multani mitti
Fuller's earth or Multani mitti Face Mask

Fuller's earth or Multani mitti for Oily skin:  Use Fuller's earth or Multani mitti with rose water only. It will give you silky smooth even tone skin.

Fuller's earth for pimple is best as it takes out the dirt and extra oil from the skin.
After using it use the prescribed pimple cream by dermatologist it will give a quick help as the pores are opened and cleaned. The medicine will absorb quickly and cure the pimples. I tried it when I was in my teenage. It helped me a lot.

Fuller's earth or Multani mitti for pigmentation is the best; it helps in lightening the skin as it exfoliate and left the smooth and clear even tone skin.
Fuller's earth for tanning and skin burn is too good as it has cooling properties so it cures the burn and suntan. It gives the cooling effect on the body.

Fuller's earth or Multani mitti for Dry skin: Mix Fuller's earth or Multani mitti with curd and water and wash it after 20 minutes. This pack will not let your skin dry more as the curd will give a moisturizing effect on your skin.

Fuller's earth or Multani mitti for the whole body mask: Add rose water, lemon, honey, and sandalwood powder in Multani mitti, make a smooth mask and apply it on all over your body. Wash it after 20-30 minutes.It will take all the dirt out of the skin and your skin will feel so refreshing.

Apply a good moisturizer after taking shower it doesn’t let your skin dry as Multani mitti or fuller's earth dries your skin so quickly.

Use above mentioned mask in summer or moist season only as Fuller's earth or Multani mitti has cooling properties.

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Friday, April 24, 2020

Almond face pack

Almonds are one of the famous members of the nuts family and are very nutritious for your health. Almonds are used in many sweets and food items because of their crunchiness and taste. Do you remember our mother used to give almonds with milk? Yes because Almonds are full of vitamin, minerals, and fibers. The best source of vitamin E can be taken with milk. It increases the benefits of milk if taken with. You should always eat almonds after soaking them because the peel consists of tannin which stops the absorption nutrients in the body.
Today’s topic is Almond face pack so the method is to soak at least 5 or 6 almonds in a bowl filled with water for a night... hmm... nope. Soak at least 10 because the first thought would be like I want to eat them lolz. Almonds give you anti-ageing effect skin lightening wrinkle-free skin

So I have four face masks using almonds which I use time to time:
1) Take the soaked almonds, crush them in the mortar, mix them with milk and Haldi (turmeric). Milk has the lactic acids which help in lightening the skin and will not let your skin dry. Wash it off after 20 minutes. Use it for twice a week.
2) Take the almonds to crush them in the mortar, mix them with milk and Haldi (turmeric). Mix Gulab Jal (Rose Water) and add lemon if you have pigmented skin, pimples or you want to remove tan.

3) Mix honey, almonds and lemon for skin lightening and glowing skin.
4) For the best result, I’ll advice leave the almond and milk overnight on face for the next day glow as if you have any some special occasion to attend give it a try.
So this face pack can remove sun tan and cure the uneven tone, pigmentation of any type of skin so my advice is here that don't work harshly on your skin. Don’t use too many chemicals on your face. Use a homemade face mask rather than chemical infused products.Always wear a sunscreen it's a must but use only paraben free sunscreen as they can cause skin rashes, which I have been suffered too and trust me you don't want that itchy feeling on your face.

If you wanna Buy Almond oil click here->
you can use almond oil on your face for wrinkle free and moisturised skin. This almond oil can be taken with the milk for effective digestion and glowing skin.
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Monday, April 13, 2020

Cucumber and Potato face pack

So as you know now that I am very much fond of natural products for my skin and I always invest my money in natural products or homemade face packs. We all have skin issues like discoloration, melasma, hyper pigmentation, uneven tone and we always keep looking for glowing blemish-free healthy skin.
One thing which I want to clear here if you are not healthy from inside a product or mask cannot bring healthy skin back for a long time. So detox your body first drink at least 8 glass of water daily. We all know this very well that eating fast food daily or soft drinks are not good for your health. What you eat you become, so eat right and healthy. 

So today I want to tell you about the one of the best natural cure for skin that is cucumber and potatoes, So dear what you have to do it to take half of the cucumber and a small potato, grind it in a mixer and apply this face pack after cleaning your face. Wash it after 20 minutes. Cucumber has vitamin A, B and C, also potatoes are rich in vitamin C which helps in lighten the dark spots, hyper pigmentation and sun tanning or burn. This face mask is for all skin types and can be applied two times a week. You can also store the juice of cucumber and potato in a spray bottle for one week in your refrigerator and can use it as a skin toner. 
Cucumber has lots of vitamin and mineral and has 95% of natural water in it.So include cucumber in your diet but not the potatoes πŸ˜„, it will clean your body from inside. Use sunscreen daily, its must. Keep this in mind that melasma and hyper pigmentation take a long time and care to fade away. Do visit to the doctor because if skin is getting darker than before then it can be other cause like hormone imbalance.

I’ll always recommend you to use natural products which are paraben and sulphate free and go for a natural DIY face mask🌹🌹

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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Good Vibes : Reviews

Hello Pretty Ladies!! How are you? We all want to have good and healthy skin. Healthy and glowing skin makes you look beautiful but confident as well. So today I'll discuss the Good vibes products. Good vibes products are made of natural ingredients. They are not harsh on the skin. 

We always look for the products which are not only based on natural ingredients but also affordable in price too. I am using Good Vibes from last year, they are really good and with no parabens, no sulphates, cruelty-free and no mineral oil. 

So I am reviewing these three amazing Good Vibes products that I am using.

Good Vibes Lemon Essential Oil

This oil key ingredient is Citrus Limonum that is Lemon, which good for removing pigmentation, uneven tone, tanning dark spots. What you can do just add one or two drops in your face pack. and see the magical result after wash. 

It gives the instant result and you can also use it in your toner add one or two drops of essential oil with rose water in a spray bottle, spray it all over your face leave it for a night and see the result in the morning. Pigmentation will be less, skin tone will be even, and dark spots will appear less. I like this product a lot.

*Don't use essential oil more than one or two drops look for the quantity you want to 

use with face pack or rose water, otherwise, it will burn the skin because essential oils are pure.

Good vibes Aloe Cucumber Detox face mask

This product has no parabens, no sulphates cruelty-free and no mineral oil. This product is for all types of skins. I have oily skin so the aloe-vera and cucumber suited best for oily skin. This product leaves your skin smooth and oil-free.  

The texture of the product is so soft and the fragrance of the product is so good and refreshing. Aloe-vera has extra cooling abilities, the other hand cucumber smoothes the skin and reduces the pigmentation. This is one of my favourite products. Use it after cleaning your face at any time of the day.

Good Vibes Cucumber Gel

BUY HEREπŸ‘‰ The Good Vibes Cucumber Gel

 I am using this product for my eyes puffiness and dark circle, Cucumber, as you all know, has a 
cooling effect on the skin. This product is recommended for dry skin but can be used by all. I use this product at night around my eyes and wash it off in the morning.

*So if anybody is thinking of buying GOOD VIBES products don’t think too much.