Monday, March 30, 2020

Besan Facepack Or Gram Flour Facepack

Hello Everybody this is my first day of blog.I hope you'll like it.Today I'll be discussing about very basic face pack which all Indian women know, that is Besan or Gram Flour Face packBesan not only scrub your skin gently but improve the texture of your skin as well. It is suitable for all types of skin like Dry, Oily and Normal.

Firstly clean your skin using face wash. I use Pond's White beauty daily spot-less lightening face wash.I have oily skin so it works very fine on my skin.

Besan Face Pack for different types of skin

Dry skin 

 Add curd, two three drops of lemon in three spoon of Besan in a bowl. Make a not so thick paste of it.Apply it on your face leaving the under eye area as you don't want those fine lines under your eyes. 

Besan improve the texture of skin and lemon will lighten the skin tone,removes tanning and the curd will not let your skin dry more.Wash it after 20 mins.

Oily skin

Add half lemon juice, milk, pinch of haldi and besan. ( Note: Don't use too much of lemon juice otherwise skin will be more tanned ) Don't apply it under eyes.

Apply it on your face, wash it after 20 mins.This is a good face pack for pimples, uneven tone, pigmentation, tanning.
This face pack really helps in must apply it two times a week.

Normal skin   

You are so blessed you can use it either above mentioned face pack or You can use besan with Dabur Gulabari Rose Water only. 

What I generally do is that I apply this face pack at night ,scrubs gently before sleeping so it shows magic in morning and I use only rose water on my skin after washing it off only with water.

Best Face pack while in Quarantine as nowdays we can't go out for ready made face pack or cleanser so this is the best face pack for pampering yourself.

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