Thursday, April 30, 2020

Fuller's earth or Multani Mitti Hair, Face and Body mask.

Hello!! Beautiful, today the topic is Fuller's earth or Multani Mitti  for Hair, Face and Body mask.

Fuller's earth or Multani mitti is available in powdered form or as claystone too. The powdered form is easy to use but I prefer the solid one.

Many people think that fuller's earth is for face only but you can use it as a hair and body mask too.

Yes, so today I'll tell you how you can use fuller's earth for your hair, face and body.
Fuller's earth or Multani mitti can be used by any skin type it's so much beneficial for any age too.

Fuller's earth  in powdered form
        Fuller's earth  in stone form

Fuller's earth or Multani Mitti hair mask:  Hair mask is so much in trend nowadays.
Fuller's earth cleans the dirt and cleans your scalp too. Before applying it w
ear an old t-shirt as you don't want stains on your favourite t-shirt.

 Dip the Fuller's earth or Multani Mitti claystone for a night it will soften in the morning and apply it on your hair from root to the end. Wash it before it dries up in 20 to 30 minutes.If you feel the hair are dry after wash, use a serum. This can be applied to thin to thick hair.

In summer season it also helps to keep your head cool so don’t apply it if you have a cold and cough or fever.

 Fuller's earth or Multani mitti hair mask for thin and oily hair: Take the fuller's earth powder in a bowl, mix it with water and two tablespoons of honey. Apply it through roots to end of hair and make a bun of your hair.

Wash it after half an hour with shampoo, because once it gets dry it will not come off easily and trust me after the wash you'll get that bounce and dirt free hair. I have tried it myself.

Fuller's earth or Multani mitti with curd hair mask: Mix powdered fuller's earth or Multani mitti with water and curd. Apply it for half an hour wash with shampoo because you don't want the smell of curd in your hair

 Fuller's earth has the quality to take off the impurities, toxins, dandruff out of hair and curd conditions the hair and gives shine too. This hair mask also helps to straighten the hair naturally.
Fullers earth or Multani mitti
Fuller's earth or Multani mitti Face Mask

Fuller's earth or Multani mitti for Oily skin:  Use Fuller's earth or Multani mitti with rose water only. It will give you silky smooth even tone skin.

Fuller's earth for pimple is best as it takes out the dirt and extra oil from the skin.
After using it use the prescribed pimple cream by dermatologist it will give a quick help as the pores are opened and cleaned. The medicine will absorb quickly and cure the pimples. I tried it when I was in my teenage. It helped me a lot.

Fuller's earth or Multani mitti for pigmentation is the best; it helps in lightening the skin as it exfoliate and left the smooth and clear even tone skin.
Fuller's earth for tanning and skin burn is too good as it has cooling properties so it cures the burn and suntan. It gives the cooling effect on the body.

Fuller's earth or Multani mitti for Dry skin: Mix Fuller's earth or Multani mitti with curd and water and wash it after 20 minutes. This pack will not let your skin dry more as the curd will give a moisturizing effect on your skin.

Fuller's earth or Multani mitti for the whole body mask: Add rose water, lemon, honey, and sandalwood powder in Multani mitti, make a smooth mask and apply it on all over your body. Wash it after 20-30 minutes.It will take all the dirt out of the skin and your skin will feel so refreshing.

Apply a good moisturizer after taking shower it doesn’t let your skin dry as Multani mitti or fuller's earth dries your skin so quickly.

Use above mentioned mask in summer or moist season only as Fuller's earth or Multani mitti has cooling properties.

I hope you’ll like my article. 
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  15. I feel like this is a positive form of self care we all need right now.

  16. I feel like this is the positive form of self care we all need right now.

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