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Friday, April 24, 2020

Almond face pack

Almonds are one of the famous members of the nuts family and are very nutritious for your health. Almonds are used in many sweets and food items because of their crunchiness and taste. Do you remember our mother used to give almonds with milk? Yes because Almonds are full of vitamin, minerals, and fibers. The best source of vitamin E can be taken with milk. It increases the benefits of milk if taken with. You should always eat almonds after soaking them because the peel consists of tannin which stops the absorption nutrients in the body.
Today’s topic is Almond face pack so the method is to soak at least 5 or 6 almonds in a bowl filled with water for a night... hmm... nope. Soak at least 10 because the first thought would be like I want to eat them lolz. Almonds give you anti-ageing effect skin lightening wrinkle-free skin

So I have four face masks using almonds which I use time to time:
1) Take the soaked almonds, crush them in the mortar, mix them with milk and Haldi (turmeric). Milk has the lactic acids which help in lightening the skin and will not let your skin dry. Wash it off after 20 minutes. Use it for twice a week.
2) Take the almonds to crush them in the mortar, mix them with milk and Haldi (turmeric). Mix Gulab Jal (Rose Water) and add lemon if you have pigmented skin, pimples or you want to remove tan.

3) Mix honey, almonds and lemon for skin lightening and glowing skin.
4) For the best result, I’ll advice leave the almond and milk overnight on face for the next day glow as if you have any some special occasion to attend give it a try.
So this face pack can remove sun tan and cure the uneven tone, pigmentation of any type of skin so my advice is here that don't work harshly on your skin. Don’t use too many chemicals on your face. Use a homemade face mask rather than chemical infused products.Always wear a sunscreen it's a must but use only paraben free sunscreen as they can cause skin rashes, which I have been suffered too and trust me you don't want that itchy feeling on your face.

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you can use almond oil on your face for wrinkle free and moisturised skin. This almond oil can be taken with the milk for effective digestion and glowing skin.
 I hope you'll like my article. 

Waiting for your feedback.❤❤❤ xoxo 


Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Good Vibes : Reviews

Hello Pretty Ladies!! How are you? We all want to have good and healthy skin. Healthy and glowing skin makes you look beautiful but confident as well. So today I'll discuss the Good vibes products. Good vibes products are made of natural ingredients. They are not harsh on the skin. 

We always look for the products which are not only based on natural ingredients but also affordable in price too. I am using Good Vibes from last year, they are really good and with no parabens, no sulphates, cruelty-free and no mineral oil. 

So I am reviewing these three amazing Good Vibes products that I am using.

Good Vibes Lemon Essential Oil

This oil key ingredient is Citrus Limonum that is Lemon, which good for removing pigmentation, uneven tone, tanning dark spots. What you can do just add one or two drops in your face pack. and see the magical result after wash. 

It gives the instant result and you can also use it in your toner add one or two drops of essential oil with rose water in a spray bottle, spray it all over your face leave it for a night and see the result in the morning. Pigmentation will be less, skin tone will be even, and dark spots will appear less. I like this product a lot.

*Don't use essential oil more than one or two drops look for the quantity you want to 

use with face pack or rose water, otherwise, it will burn the skin because essential oils are pure.

Good vibes Aloe Cucumber Detox face mask

This product has no parabens, no sulphates cruelty-free and no mineral oil. This product is for all types of skins. I have oily skin so the aloe-vera and cucumber suited best for oily skin. This product leaves your skin smooth and oil-free.  

The texture of the product is so soft and the fragrance of the product is so good and refreshing. Aloe-vera has extra cooling abilities, the other hand cucumber smoothes the skin and reduces the pigmentation. This is one of my favourite products. Use it after cleaning your face at any time of the day.

Good Vibes Cucumber Gel

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 I am using this product for my eyes puffiness and dark circle, Cucumber, as you all know, has a 
cooling effect on the skin. This product is recommended for dry skin but can be used by all. I use this product at night around my eyes and wash it off in the morning.

*So if anybody is thinking of buying GOOD VIBES products don’t think too much.