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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Best Homemade Fruit Face masks

Hello, my beautiful readers, Today’s topic is about face masks which are so fresh and organic that half of it that I would like to eat!!!😄

You would be thinking who eats the masks ?? Yes, because it’s made up of fruits only, its organic, fresh and some of the ingredients remind me of fruit shakes and you can use it as a facemask too.😆

As you know that I just love pampering my skin and hair so much and that is what I love to share with you all. 💖💖

My first favorite
Strawberry and yoghurt face mask: Who doesn’t love strawberries; they are full of vitamin C and the taste is so good , on the other side Yogurt as you know has lactic acid which helps in curing the pigmentation and dark spot.

So what we have to do just take half of the strawberry, mash it and mix it with yoghurt. Make a smooth paste and apply it all over the face and wash it off after 20 minutes. I don’t like to waste fruits or any eatable thing so please use the fruit accordingly.

Papaya Facemask: For papaya face mask you can use the pulp as it is and apply it all over on your face. Papaya has potassium which hydrates the skin and stops the dryness, it is the best fruit to increase collagen in the skin, which obviously slows down the premature ageing.
Or you can just mix papaya pulp with honey and milk. This face mask is best for any skin type, it does not let the skin dry nor make the skin oily.

My third favorite that is Watermelon facemask, summers are here and we have this amazing fruit filled with natural water, which helps to take out the toxins from the body and if you are healthy from inside no one can stop you from glowing outside.
This is the best fruit to lower down the blood pressure and cholesterol.  

One thing I want to share is that watermelon helps me to lower my stress level. My head feels so light after eating it. So whenever you feel stressed take watermelon.
So back to the face pack, use the watermelon pulp as it is on all over your face leave for some time and wash it off or you can freeze the watermelon cubes and rub on the face to close the open pores. Skin feels so fresh after applying it.

Use can mix watermelon pulp with honey, milk and a little turmeric for acne, pigmented or oily skin.

Banana face pack: Mash banana in a bowl, add some honey and pinch cinnamon in it. This face pack gives instant result after wash. Skin feels smooth,tightened and it lighten the dark spots too.

Muskmelon face pack:  Mix the melon pulp with oatmeal and honey. This face pack also act as an exfoliator so please be gentle when you apply it. Apply for 20 minutes and massage gently so that the dead skin come outs.

Fruits are so much important for good health and glowing skin, for a healthy gut you must take lots of fruits.

Person’s health can be found by looking at his skin, if it has acne or any spot, it means that person is not healthy from inside.

So eat fruits on right time, take fruits only before any heavy or proper meal, like two hours before because the heavy meal doesn’t let the fruits digest properly. 
You’ll not get any of the benefits if you have eaten the fruits and meal together.

The season of fruits have just started in Himachal Pradesh, India. We have lots of fruits here like Peaches, Apricots ,Plums and Nectarines in our garden and I really feel so blessed about it, having fresh, organic fruits straight to the tummy!!!😋

I want to thank you all for your continuous support . Your love and comments are so precious to me.💓💓💓

I hope you’ll like my article and if you have any recipe of fruit shakes for this summer season please leave the link below.🙏

So Live, love, laugh.