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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Reason for Hair Loss and its Cure.

Hair is so much precious to every man and woman as it enhances beauty. Everybody loves silky, smooth thick untangled frizz-free hair but we are so much busy in our lives that we do not give that much attention on our hair and what happens hair fall, hair thinning, dandruff, etc.

So whenever there is some special occasion in our family or hanging out with friends we feel uncomfortable in between and gazes at their hair.

Reason for Hair fall:
Stress: Yes stress is one of the major reasons for hair fall. Everybody in some way has stress in their lives, some show some don’t.
If stress increases it becomes depression and a depressed person can’t take care of others and of himself too.
Stress leads to hormonal imbalance which leads to hair fall dandruff and weak hair.
Pollution: Pollution and sun rays make your hair dry so they fall easily. Pollutants reduce the growth of hair and make them weak.
They just stick to your hair and scalp and make your scalp itchy and dry which causes hair to fall.

Water: Hard water is one of the reasons for hair thinning. I suffered this too. I shifted to my new home where I had to use hard water and the result was hair fall, thinning of hair.

Hard water has calcium and magnesium which not let your shampoo or conditioner wash your hair properly and after wash, the result is dry hair.

Ignorance: Yes the ignorance we know that certain things are not good for us but we keep ignoring them like not eating properly, not sleeping on time, no exercise, and especially no oil therapy for hair.

Hereditary: Sometimes loss of hair happens because of hereditary reasons. It is not a disease its genetic condition only.It can be cured only by Doctors.

Eating habits: Not having healthy food and eating junk or processed food in your meal lead to hair fall ,which causes deficiency of nutrients in body. Human body is not made for junk food.
 I saw some people just can’t live without spicy oily junk food. If you can’t eat healthily, how can you expect healthy hair and skin? As I say what you eat that’s what you become.

The question is how to stop Hair fall?

1) Meditation:
Meditation is one of the best ways which relax our body and mind. It reduces stress, which helps to keep hair roots strong and healthy.

Yeah I know it’s tough, in the beginning, you just want to run away from it but the practice will make you better and certainly, you’ll start to enjoy it.

For this, I just chant “OM” the universal sound. When you focus on this sound, it will start to calm your body and mind; clear your way of thinking and you’ll feel peace within.

A relaxed mind will think better, think positive, and will take care of others too.

b) Healthy Food: For healthy and strong hair, include healthy food than the processed one. The foods which help in hair growth are:

1) Sweet Potatoes: Include Sweet Potato in your morning breakfast as it is a root and has natural keratin and protein which helps in keeping your hair roots strong.
You can take out the juice of it and apply on your hair roots and it nourishes the hair and promotes hair growth.

2Milk and its products
Milk is rich in protein so drink a glass daily and because of richness in protein it helps in growth and strengthening the hair roots.

Yeah if you want hair growth 
roots must be strong for it 
and who doesn’t like milk can 
have sweet buttermilk in their diet. 
It also helps in strengthening 
hair follicles.

3) Nuts: Nuts are full of omega-3, zinc, protein, and have vitamin E which is responsible for the shiny and long hair. Include a handful of nuts in your diet like  walnuts, almonds, cashew, etc.

4) Soy Milk and Tofu: Soy is rich in protein; this is the best source of protein for the people who are pure vegans. Protein is essential for hair growth and maintenance.You can also include tofu in your salad and food items. Include it in your breakfast or lunch but avoids in the night, it’s hard to digest.

5)Green Vegetables and fruits: Green vegetables like spinach, broccoli; cabbage,etc. as these include Vitamin A, C, iron, etc.
Fruits like Kiwi, apples, tomatoes, peach, amla avocadoes, etc are the best in hair growth and glowing skin.
Include a fruit daily in your diet.

6)EggsEggs are the best source of protein and biotin. Eggs in your diet can bring the growth in hair you’re looking for.It also helps in adding volume to the hair and make them silky soft too. Hair mask of eggs promotes the hair growth so apply it on your scalp at least a week.

c)Oil massage: Oil massage is must for lengthy and strong hair.Apply oil on your scalp to the end of hair at least three times a week for healthy frizz-free hair.

d) Hair mask: Hair mask is so good and play an important role in keeping hair shiny and healthy. So use any hair mask like yogurt,egg hair mask and fuller's earth hair mask that i have mentioned in my earlier post too etc.  

Note: If you are losing 50 to 100 hair strands regularly then its fine but more than that should be consulted with experts.

I hope you’ll like my post. Don’t forget to give your valuable feedback.❤❤❤