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Jeans for Women's Body Shape

Denim can never go out of trend and it will never go out of style. Denim or Jeans has been liked by everyone. Do you know Denim was made originally for miners By Marlon Brando and James dean in 1950? It is made up of cotton and wool and some up of the only cotton yarn.

As a fashion enthusiast, I am so much in love with denim. These are comfy, stylish and wearable for any occasion if we style it accordingly. Everybody wants to try it, Yes of course, why not life is one try everything.🌹🌹

I am going to explain to you here that how can you choose the right denim according to your body type. I am describing for 5 types of body shape i.e Oval/ Round, Triangle, Inverted Triangle, Rectangle, Hourglass.

1) Oval/Round shape: In this shape woman has a round shape. Much heavier in the stomach and hip area so I advise you to go with relaxed boyfriend jeans, tapered jeans and wide-leg jeans.

Boyfriend jeans 
Boyfriend jeans are so much in trend these days. They look super cool with a sleeveless top with an open shirt and sneakers. They are super comfortable from the waist and won’t let you feel stuck in jeans.
       High rise Tapered jeans

High rise Tapered jeans are like cone shape jeans little loose from the waist and a little narrower from the bottom. If you want the stylish look, but comfort as well from the waist and hips I would advise you go with tapered jeans wear it with peplum tops, drama sleeves blouse with heels.

2) Triangle/ pear shape: These women have more curves around the hips, but have a smaller upper half, focus on the waist area, wear jeans which draw attention to your waist.

Bootcut Jeans

I’ll advise you to wear Boot cut and high waist kind of jeans, but not the tapered one and don’t wear body-hugging tops as it will make your upper half smaller than the rest of the body so wear accordingly. 

Cropped jeans

Cropped jeans, skinny jeans will look super hot on you. Try boot cut jeans with high heels and a loose top, boot cut jeans are so much in trend these days and I love them, it can be worn by any body type.

3) Inverted triangle shape: These women have wide shoulders, but lean from the lower half, you can wear boot cut jeans, flared jeans, boyfriend jeans, don’t wear skinny jeans as it will not balance the overall look.

Palazzo pant

4) Rectangular shape: These women have straight bodies they must wear jeans which have flared bottoms, boot cut jeans, and wear jeans which are wide from the bottom so that it brings little curves to the body. Don’t wear skinny jeans. Wear peplum tops it will create the illusion of curvy body. 

Skinny Jeans

5) Hourglass: These women have narrow waists and have an almost equal upper and lower body. You can wear any kind of jeans from tapered to boot cut, boyfriend to skinny. You’ll look awesome in any type of jeans.

One important thing I want to mention here that a woman is beautiful and strong in any kind of shape. Body shaming is bad, so don’t do it. After all, we are human we are playing our roles as mothers, daughters and wives. That is what important in the end. I do believe that clothes do not define the character of the person, character builds with moral values, so be respectful to every human being.

Live to the fullest πŸ’—Love Everyone πŸ’—Laugh your heart outπŸ’—

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