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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy

Hello, my lovely readers today our topic is about healthy food. What we must include in our daily diet so that we stay strong, beautiful and healthy and thank you so much for your love and support.🙏

I am so happy that you’re appreciating and enjoying reading my blog. It is motivating me to write more and more. Love you all!!😘💗

As the title says eat healthy stay healthy and who doesn’t want to live a healthy long life, for a healthy living a person must eat right and do exercise daily.👊

Today I’ll discuss the food that we must include in our diet.💕

Water: Yes dear, drink a lot of water why? As you know that 60% human body is water. Drink at least 12 glass of water daily. Water flushes out toxins from the body in the form of urine and sweat.

Water keeps your kidney clean and keeps you safe from (UTI) Urinary Tract Infection that occurs usually in women. Water is good for healthy skin and health.

Citric Fruits:  Citric fruits like oranges, grapes and lemon, these fruits maintain the collagen in the skin.

It helps in keeping the digestive system healthy but instead of taking fruit juice takes the whole fruit, as whole fruit contains lots of fiber.

Vitamin E: Nuts, Seeds, Vegetable oil, have vitamins E which do not let your skin dry and help in the growth of long and shiny hair.

Vitamin E has antioxidant properties which help in arthritis also. So include vitamin E in your diet.

Fruits: Fruits are so much important in diet to keep the immunity strong; make your digestive system healthy, good for health and also good for glowing skin.

Now it’s summertime so eat watermelon, papaya, muskmelon and bananas to keep the balance of vitamins and minerals in your body.

Calcium: As a woman, I’ll suggest every woman include calcium in your daily meal in the form of milk or golden milk, curd, cheese. 

To feel and to look beautiful we must stay strong first and if you don’t like milk you can ask a doctor for calcium supplement. Calcium is a must for a woman.

Eat at right time:  Eat at the right time, three times a day. Eat a balanced diet; chew slowly, your breakfast must be heavier than the rest of the day meal. 

Include salad, yoghurt, green vegetables and please leave the junk food, and if you eating junk food go for exercise than. Junk food is only for taste and waste.

Garlic:  Garlic has antifungal and anti-viral properties; it keeps the disease away like allergies, cold and cough, keep the digestive system strong and also helps in curing acne. 

So include it in your diet in veggies, soup or can blend it in your juice.

Flaxseeds And Fish: Flaxseeds and fish both are rich in omega-3 fatty acid. Omega 3 helps in moisturizing the skin and helps in healthy hair growth.

People who are vegetarian like me can take flaxseeds with oatmeal or in smoothies.

I hope you’ll like my this post, your feedback is valuable
So keep smiling, stay happy and stay positive.
Live, Love, Laugh.💖💖💖 

Note: The content is for informational purpose only. Please remember that remedy which works for me may not work for you. So do a skin patch test first using any remedy to check any irritation and allergy.